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Monday, June 30, 2008

Picard! Status Report!

Sorry for the late post. I was kinda pre-occupied this weekend with many things.

First off, I made a really nice sale this weekend (sold $1600) which is gonna look nice on this week's paycheck.

Went to an MSI concert on Friday (they rocked). There were 3 bands that opened for them, two of which sucked and one memorable one (The Birthday Massacre) which seemed good but felt like if you heard two or three songs, you've heard them all. Kinda like Three Days Grace. It's not a bad thing by any means since if you're a fan of a certain thing and a band plays only that one style it's definitely good. It's good to be consistent.

I also saw Wanted. Really nice movie. Apparently it's from the same director who did Nightwatch. The special effects were amazing and so were the gun fights (what kind of action fan DOESN'T like bullet clashing?). The characters were well done. I kinda wish there was more to it though. Seeing as this was once again derived from a book-like medium, what I felt was that it was rushed in the beginning so you don't get a REAL good sense of what the fraternity is like. Basically, it's kinda annoying that a good amount of the fight scenes were already shown in commercials. Something like that tells me that they didn't have enough content for it. It was long though. They spent a great deal just on introducing the character and then the transition was really short. Going at around two hours, I honestly wouldn't have minded an additional half an hour to an hour of more assassinations before the major "I'm setting out for the antagonist" line. Everything from that point on was actually decently paced, it's just the beginning that felt off. I loved the romance they did in this movie and by that I mean subtle almost non-existent one. My take on good movies in terms of romance is either, you do a good development of it, or you just take it off and only hint at it because half-assing it either way is really bad.

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