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Friday, July 4, 2008

Super Mario Hyadain

Youtube Video

A remix of the original song from Super Mario World (I think it's stage 3? I know it's the one where you have the platforms that spin around like a pinwheel from your "weight)
This one is the best one I could find. I know at first it looks really sketchy. Some parts don't make sense and parts of the lyrics are a giant "WTF"?

I actually find this to be a really funny video assuming you understand the subtle humor. I suggest reading this during a second view of the video. Or read this first if you don't think you could stand listening to a super mario remix twice.

I'll go through all the points of what is happening in this video. The entire video is actually "staged." That meaning it's not really the characters interacting with one another, rather actors that stand in for the characters. Instead of giving you time stamps (which I think actually hinder one's enjoyment) I'll give you general vicinities of where these points are.

- First point is the lead in to the chorus. It seems Bowser stuck his claw too far up his nose and is now bleeding. Poor Bowser. That should remind him to keep his claws dull.

- During the instrumental into to the second verse you get a shot of a dressing room. In it are all the actors. In the background you see a guy in a Yoshi costume giving Peach a massage while in the foreground you have the Bowser and Mario actors. Bowser's actor is the one closest to the foreground while Mario would then be the person in the middle through process of elimination.

- As the second verse starts notice how Bowser has an actor in his mouth. It seems he wasn't able to move fast enough.

- Mario's actor seems to have had some issues in the dressing room as well, and now you can see his frightening (yet amusing) face. He seems to get his mask on during the lead in to the chorus. (So why did he have troubles during a longer period of time...?)

-During the second lead in to the chorus, Bowser and Mario mention Peach's Tsundere personality. Tsundere is a term that's a combination of tsuntsun (meaning aloof or rough) and deredere (meaning lovestruck or sluggish) that's used in referring to girls who are "rough on the outside, soft on the in." Apparently the term was coined differently earlier and was once used for girls who had a very rough, stubborn personality but became very passionate and lovey-dovey later through character development. A subtle difference but one nonetheless.

-Intro to the third verse are two shots of Bowser and Mario's imagination and how they perceive (or rather daydream about) Peach. Following immediately after during the opening cadence is Yoshi and the slip of the costume as you see the face of Yoshi's actor.

- Interrupting Luigi, Bowser says KY which in japanese means "Kuuki Yomenai." It literally means that he can't read the air (the air referring to the atmosphere or environment around them.) Basically, Bowser is saying that Luigi isn't following the script with what Mario and Bowser are doing.

- Following Bowser is Mario who tosses Luigi an "ugly mask" as to mean that Luigi was supposed to follow along and purposefully look ridiculous like the other two.

- Peach's lyrics can confirm that this is a "staged" performance as she seems to completely reject Luigi. Thinking deeply for a second here, this would make sense had Luigi followed the script and looked just as hideous. That then makes me wonder what the next part of Luigi's script would've been had he not been kicked.

-They then talk about looks and the small amount of text that follows the different ranks is just means "around here" to note how their looks are.

-As they finish the final round of the chorus, there's a final shot of Bowser (without his mask) talking to Mario who's holding a slip saying "Puff Puff..." I can't read the second worse as it's blurred. However, the stroke order works for the katakana (alphabet used for foreign words) character for "ma" which makes me think that it was a slip for a Powder Puff Massage.

There were some things I liked about Scott-Falco's work with reanimating but lacking that subtle humor, I didn't find it as funny.

Oh yeah. Happy Fourth of July.

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