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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life Update -ATK collaboration: Visual Novel

Normally I would be increasing my posts every week but I've been busier with a major project that I'm now working on.

I won't tell you specifics, but ATK and I will be working on a self published (doujin) visual novel written in Flash I believe (I can't find the engine that the japanese circles use). I'm his writer and we'll be aiming for releasing it by NYAF. It'll come in two languages, English and Korean, which means I need to work my ass off in writing the chapters up as fast as possible. I never expected this to happen....

Hatsune Miku Speed Paint (Commission)

A commission received from someone who bought the super large Rin poster that Al drew in crayon. His plans for NYAF this year is to try and sell disks containing the image files. To compensate, he'll be drawing on larger scale. As of now this one is 4000x3000 but I think he said he'd be going for even larger.

His coloring process changed from the last time I checked. I like this foundation better.