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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Tacheon in Brawl? Not quite, you do hear a loud boom when they fly though....

After one mess of special brawl in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, my friend and I got an idea after looking at the stats post-match. Max launch speeds were recorded for some odd reason (and in Miles per Hour), and so we decided to do something ridiculous. See what we can do to get ridiculous speeds. After a while we were able to record a launch speed of over 120,000 MPH. Yes, that's One hundred twenty THOUSAND. Haow yu doo dis?

First we tried to find a lightweight character to be our victim. In this case, Jigglypuff. Next we found someone who can not only deal damage but deliver a blow that launches enemies. For that we used Gannondorf because of this "falcon punch"

First, re-edit the "Sample: Bath" custom map so that the right side is missing.

Set it to special brawl, 300% damage, Flower, Light gravity, and fast speed (I don't know if speed made a difference but the death is quite amusing). Now edit the options so that the damage ratio is 2.0

With jigglypuff, jump onto the spikes on the top left and hold down. This way, you won't be launched off screen. Each spike hit will deal 20% I believe, but because you're on 1.5x speed and flower'ed, you'll take streaming damage.

Now that you're at 999% damage. Stand to the right of Gannondorf and have him use B on jigglypuff. Not only will you NOT see Jigglypuff fly through the air, but it's one of those instant death things where you're not even sure if the game could register its movement. Honestly, I couldn't even find a puff of smoke as they were launched. All I saw was the hit and then that pillar of light as jigglypuff cratered into the side of the screen.

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