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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I bring good news--sorta

With the closing of DJMax, one has to wonder what happened with Pentavision and Neowiz. (Well, Neowiz is having fun with Alliance of Valient Arms but that's beside the point) S4 League is what's happening, and while DJMax was a very popular game, I heard word from a friend of mine who's been scoping the Korean gaming industry for a while that DJMax's closing may have been due to over spending in development for future projects and that this wouldn't be the first, rather, it's been happening a few too many times.

Regardless, I still have DJMax portable and Portable 2 and S4 League is also to come out on the PSP.

I haven't said anything about S4 League have I? It's a third person shooter hosted by PMang that's regarded as a "stylish" shooter. Think of it this way. It's like putting all those unnecessary gun swinging, cross arming actions into a game. The end result is that you have a handful of people who all look really cool.
And just to add more fuel to the flame, the soundtrack is done by all the artists who helped make DJMax. So there's a chance that you can hear ESTi, NieN, 3rd Coast, and Croove scratch away on their electronic boards while you go around doing what you do best.
Like this one. The song's by Forte Escape.

Don't think of this as a Gunz clone by any means. Everything in the game will be intended unlike Gunz which originally started off with glitches and led to canceling abilities. Obviously S4 will have bugs but it won't be anything too serious.

One thing that I like is that guys have a sense of style. I'm a bit tired with all those berserker costumed guys in every game. What's wrong with looking decent for once?

It's a pretty recent game so I was then surprised to hear that a European company bought a license for it. There isn't a LOT of content but it's still in its early stages, and hopefully this english version will be playable. I'm not sure what their policies are with the US, but I'd like to play this.

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