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Friday, June 6, 2008

Clannad: Tomoyo Chapter

Apparently there's to be an extra episode separate from the Clannad series that's to be shipped with the 8th DVD release featuring Tomoya (the male protagonist) and Tomoyo that's separate from the series and in an alternate universe. Basically, it's like taking the other path if only for one episode.

You know... It's weird. After having watched Clannad and seeing all the girls interact with Tomoya, I noticed that Tomoyo really stood out. Having an amusing personality she had a very aggressive approach in trying to be in his life without realizing it and then being (I believe) one of the few who realized her feelings for him. Her ability to deal with him never being able to go out with her came as a surprise as well. It was more of a "Oh right, I knew this would happen. I probably shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place" and handled it in what I believe to be in the most mature fashion. Because of that, she became my favorite character in the story.

What's weird is that clearly I wasn't the only one who felt that. Rather, the same scenario must've happened in the game because Tomoyo After: ~It's a wonderful life~ was released after Clannad featuring a Tomoyo only path (which Key then included those scenes they do best). Interestingly enough, Tomoyo After also has a manga adaptation in the works which makes me realize that there's a large group of people who probably feel the same way.
"What would happen if Tomoya had feelings for Tomoyo instead of Nagisa?"

P.S. Sorry for the large images, instead of resizing them I thought "Whatever, these are the only images I have available to me, just use em."

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