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Sunday, June 7, 2009

S4League USA/NA Branch

To be honest, I was quite frustrated with the way alaplaya has been handling their hosting of S4 League. It was quite sloppy, with poor maintenance, poorly executed events (who would set up a SOLO tournament for a TEAM game?) and they released premium items too early without taking into consideration the patching of major bugs that affect gameplay as a whole. I usually don't say this often, but in this case, I really feel as if alaplaya was only thinking about the profit. They didn't even really analyze the game itself. They rely on releasing beta versions of weapons to get feedback from the forums. At least, hire some people who know the game.... I understand that premium items are the key to microtransaction games, but in return these paying players DESERVE better. It's been maybe 3 to 4 months and they STILL haven't fixed jukebox issues (a section where you can integrate custom music into the game).

To be honest, I have no idea where they received the capital to buy rights to host a European server. Apparently you also pay for premium items for a FORUM AVATAR. Really? You're going to be that stingy? I would have to pay 5 dollars US for an image of a gun on my forum avatar when I could (but won't) spend that same 5 dollars for a functional, boosted version of another gun in S4.... Really....

Anyway, there's been a quiet launch of this site however and I can't tell who the host is. As of now, I think we may get access to Pentavision or Neowiz's servers, which would mean that we would get the same kind of quality service that Pmang receives. MAYBE. It's still hard to tell, but I officially quit S4 League Europe. The service they provide is crap. No joke, if I hosted a server as a full time job, I could do a better job.

Anyways, there's a beta coming soon so sign up and Show Me Your S4.

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