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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I know the ads are getting annoying

But to be honest, there's a surprising amount of "stuff" "out there" that I don't cover. I'm trying to make all the ads relevant so that if there's anything interesting, you guys can check it out. It's always a work in progress so thanks for your patience.

On another note, for US residents: I'm gonna start modifying and adding my posts so that there's a way for you guys to buy the game or anime (even if I suggest against it)so that you can see for yourselves. Remember, I've created The Second Opinion so that I could bring you guys another voice, one that's not tied to corporate sponsorships (as nice as it would be) and give you my honest opinion.

In return, I ask that you guys argue with me if you think otherwise and maybe try it out for yourselves. This may be a blog but I'm also trying to build up a community.

Edit: If you look to the right side, next to the first post.You'll see something that says "The Second Opinion Store" It's a personalized store that carries all (or at least tries to) the titles I've mentioned. The main problem is, I get Japanese stuff directly so there may be instances where I've mentioned (let's say) a second season to something, but it hasn't been licensed yet in the U.S.

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