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Monday, March 2, 2009

You can do that with crayon?

As his editor and his friend, I keep tabs on ATK's work (especially even more so with the hell I had to go through organizing the minimal amount of recent art into a workable art book for NYAF '08). He recently sent me this image taken with what I presume to be a digital camera (you can see the flash on the bottom right, click image for full size).

According to him he drew it all in Crayola crayons.....
I'm not going to say something ignorant like, "crayons are the MS paint of non-digital art" but they're not necessarily easy. They much harder than colored pencils that's for sure. Since it's supposed to be a light, casual sketch, it's missing his watermark and signature (which I'll probably add on later).

Crayons are abysmally hard in my opinion. They make shading quite easy (although rubbing is much easier with charcoal or colored pencils) and who knows how much crayon you lose from simply sharpening the point for details. It's also not a very "clean" process in my opinion, tearing wrappers off, shaving the point, and dealing with small clumps of wax as you draw kinda frustrate me.

I gotta say though, lots of props to him for drawing this. I'm sure it's obvious, but the main thing that seems to stick out are the eyes. Rather, the clean gradient/highlights on them.

Character design wise, it could be better. It's an improvement from before, and he's finally getting back to his old self but it's nice.

I still await the day he returns to getting art like this up.

(Drawn June 20th, 2007)

P.S. If I can get drawings from him periodically, I might be able to use the Second Opinion to advertise for him. He seems to have stopped updating on DA and naver anyway......