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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am Jack's brain stalling....

For lack of a better word. I'm procrastinating an essay due tomorrow. I have the materials and I should probably finish it ASAP, buuuuuuuuut.... I'm probably gonna end up writing it at some point past midnight swearing to myself and wondering how I ever became like this.

In other news, I'm prepping material for the site that will absorb this blog.... sorta. I've been given a date (not set in stone yet) as well as a rush order (woohoo) which results in me:
A. Panicking
B. Pulling stuff out of my ass (would continue metaphor but feels like I could take in a direction that would be SO wrong)
C. Scrolling through the memory banks of my brain to see if there was anything worth while mentioning.
D. All of the above and more.

To be honest, with the anime industry slowing down, and me possessing what I can officially (to be read as "probably/most likely") say to be a dead system (referring to PS2), I'm left with DS games, PC games, Wii games (currently playing Fire Emblem: Radient Dawn) and uh.....PS2 games..... from a console that would ask you to resist the urge to carbon date it.

So is the life of a dying reviewer.... not.
There's no way in hell I'd lose my motivation due to this small gap. So in the news now: Clannad ~Tomoyo After available for the PSP!


Head ---to---> Keyboard.

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