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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mabinogi Character Fanart

Drawn for Nexon's event for a succubus figure (don't quote me on this) ATK just sent me this drawing. According to him he decided to change it up a bit and colored first then added the line art....

It's pretty noticeable from what I see. It has a nice watercolor feel to it probably due to the conjunction with the background. Though, since he did start with color, it seems that he payed much attention to lighting, and shading. The black bothers me slightly (the highlights kind of look like smudges on the monitor) but since it IS fanart based on his character, the black is somewhat necessary, so I'll just have to let it pass.

I guess what makes it seem more like water color is the cross hatching in his hat. I'm enjoying the details in his accessories and hair. One thing that feels a bit off is the body aspect ratio. It's probably due to the black which poses a slight problem in applying shading to body form (the major folds in the coat seem a bit generic).

Still though, the coloring is what's most notable and I'm hoping he can apply this kind of shading to his future work.

P.S. As you can see. I've added a new tag for ATK's artwork. I can't say for sure if I can get artwork in on a regular basis, but I should get some stuff in periodically.

P.P.S it's in a nice large format for your Desktop.

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