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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Officially, I'm out of High school. Last day of classes was last Thursday and Prom was last Friday. After-prom lasted 3 days...

I'm hoping I can assume that it's a legitimate excuse to as to why I didn't post. I just got back yesterday night and wasn't really expecting for after-prom to last so long. I don't think any of the other seniors did either. Regardless, I now have a system that I think I can follow.

For those of you who care, whenever I post at exactly 12:00 PM (GMT -5), you can expect that to be an automated one, any other time, you can assume I wrote it that day. (Well, technically, I wrote all of them, but only certain one's I've scheduled.)

I'm going out on a limb here. Personally, I'm running out of ideas. Rather, I still have a large load of ideas, but I continually reject them (a handful being on the grounds of "too old"). You can either click my avatar, or email me at for any requests. I know I don't have a large enough viewer base for this to work, but I'm trying.

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