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Friday, May 16, 2008

Say Goodbye to G1, Hello to G2

I've spoken about Mabinogi before, and earlier, I mentioned about how it was still in it's early stages. I can't say that anymore.
Mabinogi is separated into "seasons" that the company/game refers to as "Generations." Each generation has a certain amount of content as well as a very well made storyline. I'm not sure if International Ragnarok Online has started, but KRO had a similar thing where there were special sets of quests that would be mainstream and affect the game and one's perception of it very greatly.

Think of it this way. Everything you've been doing are the like the side-quests. The Generation quests are the storyline quests. It requires for you to have paid for a premium service to access the mainstream quests, but you don't to pay monthly. Only during the times you want, so technically you can just "pay" during each new season. It's probably not the most effective way possible, but it is possible.
And so, I'll leave you with two videos. One that is reminiscent of the first generation, and the second celebrating the start of a new one.
(Yes, yes. Once more you'll get a slew of ambient music bothering you until I post more later)

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