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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting my job at GameStop

In order to pay for my tuition at college, I've more or less decided to work the entire summer. I'm not going to some summer camp and so work would probably be the best deal for me. Technically, my school gives one of the best summer camp counselor wages, but I couldn't get in on that.

I decided to look around in terms of positions at GameStop (since they have their own unique system, cause they're just like that...) and came across this forum.

The stuff I read in that was absolutely hilarious.
I'll go over what some of them said but generally, most have said (in my own words) this:
"GameStop is filled with execs who only care about figures."

Excuse my language here but...
Well, no shit.

I'm not really sure what these people were expecting when deciding to work. How could they live in such a big bubble that they don't realize companies were made for money. Rather, is it that bad that they didn't even notice how GameStop (surprisingly) swallowed Electronics Boutique? GameStop was always like that, even before the "merger" so I don't really see how they expected anything else. Large companies get large numbers of employees that they can't really care about, besides, why would they put any value on store clerks, the most expendable part of the labor force? If you can prove yourself to be valuable, there's a better chance for climbing. How do I know this? My friend who worked at GameStop was a Store Manager, there were times when he was out of line, and he wasn't fired. Why? Because he was GOOD. It was because of him that the store he was managing held one of the highest profits in the district and was considered one of the best amongst local gamers even though he had one of the smallest spaces. All those who were serious gamers or fans came to that store and ignored the one 4 blocks away, which was literally next to the train station.

My other issue with this forum is that they seem to have issues separating their hobbies and their work. Here's a direct quote:
"'Hit the nail on the head. If you like video games and would like to continue liking video games, don't work at GameStop. I haven't been the same since i worked there as an ASM[Assistant Store Manager]. Something about unethically pushing subscriptions and reserves for numbers and betraying people who share your hobby just kind of strangles the kid inside you."

Well maybe you should learn to understand how business is done. To some extent, you have to keep a straight face and push those subscriptions, but that doesn't mean you should be a robot either. I get the weird feeling that these people decided to work ONLY because they liked games, and that they really had no idea what they were getting into. I don't have any sympathy for these people as they deserved it. You know that Store Manager I just mentioned? We spent over an hour discussing games and traded info about new ones. In fact, there's a handful of regulars who come into that store just to talk, so to have that kind of mindset while working means you screwed up bad when coming in.

Another idiot's post:
"Also if you do love games and consider it a hobby. Gamestop will change that for you and you will want nothing to do with them when you are working there. They do not care about their employees and only care about really unrealistic goals that will not be met. I mean listen to what I used to have to say CONSTANTLY on the phone everyday...
" Thanks for calling " " Gamestop where we buy and sell used games and where you can save $100 dollars on a PS3, how can I help you?" then you are basically REQUIRED to say really dumb things like... " Do you have an EDGE card? Oh you should get one, it's only 15 extra dollars for a magazine and 10% off used games.... blah blah blah" I mean next time you walk into a Gamestop take a look at the employees and how they are talking. My DM is the biggest dumb ass I ever met, corporate has NO trust in the employees and will never give it to you. All they do is look at numbers and nothing else.

not to mention your 6.50 an HOUR... HA"

That's your fault for thinking this would be a cakewalk. To come into work without any knowledge of the store's policy. I'd honestly like to know if there wasn't a large store that didn't have something the clerks were required to say. Large chains often have special cards that give discounts and others ask for coupons, so how is GameStop any different? Better yet, how did this guy not see that coming if he's a fan of video games? Did HE not listen to what they said?
I remember seeing a clerk standing at the door saying... excuse me, yelling "Welcome to GameStop, where we buy and sell used games, how can we help you today?" at every person. During a pause in the waves of people that came in, he and I had a good chat and we laughed at how he was required to say that to every person thereby annoying everyone else in the store.

Another friend of mine was scanning a game I was buying and as he handed me the bag he said, "Thank you for choosing GameStop to be your retailer." I stared at him and his attempt at straight face before we both started laughing and him following up with, "Sorry, I'm required to say that." Mind you, it's really weird to hear someone say that when you've known them to be a very lax person who's often very casual with you.

Now, what I don't get is how he actually CARES about saying that. I'd expect someone who's willing to work to get that into a habit, and really requiring little to no brain power. If there are people hung up on that, I really don't think I should take their opinion into consideration.

Of course there were two posts that I actually found useful but I'm not here to talk about the smart people, I like to laugh at the stupid ones.

Now as an overall question, I bet you're wondering as to why I, personally, would decide on GameStop. The store I'm applying to has a staff that I know, meaning that I won't have co-worker issues. And out of the other stores I'm considering, GameStop looks like the best. Yes, I'll probably end up dealing with a few parents who don't know jack, but it could be worse...

Like Stop&Shop for instance. Or any supermarket for that matter. Being a standing clerk and checking out and waiting for old ladies to pull out their coupon book? The interaction among coworkers is also atrocious and then there's the chance you could be put into... *shudder* Customer Service. Unless it is absolutely impossible for you to frown, Customer Service is the worst... job... ever. Dealing with returns is an abomination, or worse...

Starbucks. Honestly, the people who buy coffee from Starbucks are the worst customers on the face of the earth. When you're allowed to have a double espresso shot macchiato with half soy milk, half skim on a half caff regular in a venti hot chocolate... you know something's wrong. Better yet, why not deal with an entire swarm of these people everyday for 8 straight hours because coffee isn't just a morning/evening thing anymore. It's an all day thing. Apparently, you can never have enough caffeine. Really...

To top it all off, you're paid the same wage for all three stores. So, if you think about it that way... GameStop doesn't look so bad. No, there's no Wal-Mart around where I live, so I can't apply there. Apparently my town is too rich for Wal-Mart...


Fashion and God said...

Haha, It's funny that I read this RIGHT AFTER reading the posts at indeed. Everything you said is exactly what was running through my head while reading that. So, did you end up getting the job and how did you like it?

Zerreth said...

Honestly? It was exactly what I expected. During the summer, I worked for Cutco and then I took the job for Gamestop by my college. I started off as PR yelling exactly what that other guy yelled, and then moved to store clerk. Pay's kinda above minimum, can't complain much since i'm part-timing with a minimum of $7.15

Bailey said...

Oh Cutco, keeping college students employed, one by one.

Abdullah said...

I literally just read through that thread this morning and now(8pm)I'm reading your response. nice.

I'm also considering a job at GameStop in San Francisco. Do you think they'll allow me to work evenings cause I have classes from 8-12am.

Zerreth said...

Well, it depends on the store's hours. The manager might mess around with your shift for a while. But where I worked, it closed at around 9:00 which means that you'd have to be third key to at least do the "night" shift.