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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A.D. Anno Domini, After Death, Another Deceased, Ardent Doom, Anonymous Description?

Sorry, boredom caught up with me. It's not that I didn't run out of stuff to review, I still have a good 600 Gigs of stuff remaining, just I wasn't really into making another review today.

I could talk about how some kid was hospitalized after asking his friends to bury him head first into a sandbox, but thats completely the kid's fault. I don't care if he was 10, that is one stupid kid.

Being the utterly creepy Atlus fan that I am, I'm gonna talk about some developments to look out for.

Baroque for PS2 and Wii - 4/8
Arcana Heart for PS2 - 4/8
Rondo of Swords for DS - 4/15
Persona 3 Fes[tival edition] - 4/22
R-Type Command - 5/6
Summon Night: Twin Age for DS - 5/20

Disgaea for DS and Disgaea 3 for PS3 coming in the summer.
There's gonna be a burning hole in my wallet next month. I can't help being one of their creepy stalker fans who love their games.

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