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Saturday, February 13, 2010

NIS America licenses anime

If you haven't heard about this yet, here it is.

We announced yesterday that we will release Anime titles in the US in 2010!
We are very excited to announce our first 4 titles!

Here you go!

- Toradora!
- PERSONA - trinity soul-
- PandraHearts
- Our Home's Fox Deity

We will let you know more about the release dates and all other info soon!
Please looking forward to them!

Please see the press release for more details.
Press Release (JPG / PDF)


PERSONA -trinity soul-


Our Home's Fox Deity

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this. NIS america's more recent works with Ar Tonelico II and Cross Edge have left me caring less and less about the company. I like Ar Tonelico II as a game and really want to play Ar Tonelico III, but when you have a company that purposefully removes voices because their own voice actors couldn't fill roles, have spelling mistakes, and forget to even convert and translate some of the japanese text, it leaves me wondering.

Having read through some visual novels (not by NIS) I generally ignored spelling errors and the occasional grammatical WTF, but thinking back on it now, I can't do the same with NIS. They should have a large enough staff of beta testers and quality control that major bugs, and aesthetics shouldn't be there. They're making rookie mistakes and it's making me question their other work. Just look at the email they sent. Notice how it says "Pandra Hearts"? I didn't do that, that was a copy and paste. You can look for yourself assuming they didn't change it by the time this is posted.

Stuff like this shouldn't happen, and it worries me when they start licensing anime.
I'm not sure if you've seen the Disgaea 3 opening as subbed by NIS America. It's pretty bad. The translation is....different from what I'm hearing and the subtitles themselves are extremely loud and the type set is a bit large. I'm glad that they're licensing anime and getting more content into our market, but I'm a bit skeptical at the quality it will distributed.

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