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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DnF - Valentine's day Event Speed paint

Currently, in Dungeon and Fighter Korea, there's an event where you have to color in one of three outlines and submit it as an event for a prize.
Al, has decided to do his own take on it.

This is definitely different for him. He has to apply his own style to something to a base line art, and the start is very awkward (detailing the face first and then moving on).

This speed paint is based on the most recent avatar sets released in Korean DnF.
What's restricted him the most seems to be the base art style. The Mage's head is HUGE and it looks iffy.

Because this is based almost directly on something else, the detailing on these two characters is very nice. The hairs are distinctly ATK and the soft shading works well.

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