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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Warning to ALL DFO Players in NEXON USA


This will be my one and ONLY warning. From the update, it looks as if Nexon has NOT implemented the Awakening dungeon which means you will NOT be able to awaken to your advanced class at 48.

Why is this important?

1. Your stat growth is dependent on your class. i.e. Desparados (awakened rangers) grow differently than rangers do. If you level up as a ranger past lvl 48, your abilities late game will be significantly nerfed compared to those who awakened properly. Unless you enjoy playing a handicap, I suggest you leave your character alone at 48. This isn't pokemon, you will NOT recover lost stats that you may have received in another class.

2. You do NOT skill reset at awakening, you simply get additional skills which means that by 48, you will have needed to save up at least 150 skill points. About 80 for awakening and the 70 as a safety precaution just in case your current skill build didn't fulfill the prerequisites for the awakened skills.

3. There are two dungeons players need to run for awakening. Both require thorough knowledge of the dungeon layout itself and the monsters. Inexperienced players will screw up and they will die. I'm not joking. All rooms have monsters will special properties and if you go in there thinking it's a normal run, you will screw up. This entails more unnecessary exp you may receive that may get you closer to leveling up.

To be honest, I'm unsure if the drops have even been added. Be wary, just because there's a cap increase doesn't mean nexon has fixed everything. It doesn't even make sense to increase it by 10 levels.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're wrong... I know this is a late comment but Desperadoes do NOT have different stats per lvl than regular Rangers. You should have compared Grapplers and Dervishes instead... because Grapplers and Dervishes do get different stat growth. Supposedly Witches used to as well (they got LESS int per lvl though), but DnF (korean version) later fixed that.