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Monday, April 27, 2009

20,000 hits!

According to google Adsense, the site has now recieved 20,000 hits (20,024 with 20 hits today, so technically yesterday). There's really nothing for me to say other than.
Thank you.

If you've been coming regularly, or just came for the outdated mabinogi review (according to 63% who voted) thank you. I've said this for the 10,000th hit as well but I had no idea this could happen, nor did I realize I'd be doing this for over two years. It's times like these I take a look at some of my old content and try to compare that that to what I've done recently and there's definitely change.

Anyways, this is great news as a handful of my projects were due today. So I've got time now to make a review for later today. Thank you, really.

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