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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simul-cast in US, Korea AND Japan

Tonight, Kurokami will be simultaneously cast in all their respective dubs in the US, Korea and Japan.

Bandai Entertainment, in my opinion, has always been attempting to try and adapt to newer methods to distribute anime (yes, even better than Funimation). They had once been able to attempt a delayed release of weeks to months but this will probably be the first simultaneous broadcast. There will also be English dubs which is incredible. This means that Bandai was able to make a deal to receive episodes ahead of time.

Although Kurokami will be broadcast on ImaginAsian TV. This would be an effective way to bring anime to a more casual userbase and youtube-obsessed generation. My guess would be that this actually may not do much good considering ImaginAsian TV isn't too widespread but this is a pretty big step in Anime and hopefully this may inspire more companies to cooperate with the US branches.

It will air at 8:00 PM EST/PST

Los Angeles, CA
* Time Warner Cable - Ch. 157 (Free On Demand available on Ch. 1098)
* Cox Communications - Ch. 475 (Orange County / Palos Verdes)
* Charter Communications - Ch. 143
o Cerritos, CA - Ch. 219
o Ventura County, CA - Ch. 137
* Champion Broadband - Ch. 196 (Arcadia, Monrovia & Pasadena)

* Oceanic Time Warner Cable - Ch. 546

Edison, NJ
* WDVB-CA - Ch. 39 (Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex & Union Counties)

Princeton, NJ
* Patriot Media - Ch. 149 (Free On Demand is available)

New York, NY
* Time Warner Cable - Ch. 560

Dallas, TX
* Time Warner Cable - Ch. 342

Houston, TX
* Comcast Cable - Ch. 241
* TVMAX - Ch. 93

Northern Virginia
* Cox Communications - Ch. 465 (Free On Demand is available)


Anonymous said...

ImaginAsian TV is not a subscription channel. It's part of the basic digital package on cable.

Zerreth said...

I took a look into that. You're right, just their service is limited.