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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Booth Information

If any of you intend to go to the New York Anime Festival, I'll give you guys the info to meet me. Don't know why you would, but it would be nice to just say hi and show your support. I'll be wearing my hakama from kendo so... I should be the only guy that's sitting at a booth in odd clothing.
The booth we'll be at is 28. It's on the Side Artist's alley between..... Pawstar... and TaoToys.

Overall, there are some big sponsors such as ANN, Bandai and Anime castle. There are some sketchy tables that I don't feel really comfortable about. It's not like they're selling +18 stuff, there's always at least one company that buys a table, rather I'm kinda skeptical about the validity of some of these companies.
I'll be there for the entire time, so come on over if you have nothing else to do.

1 comment:

Zerreth said...

It's on the Side Artist's alley by the pillar past T.M revolution.
It's still booth 28, but we're just one pillar down.