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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Third - Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo

Roughly, translated as "The girl with the blue eye", this anime happens to be one of those mixes between Thriller and Romance. Actually... I don't know how to catagorize this. It's pretty good all around. The character range is pretty small, but that allows the ability to develop the characters better.
Animation is fluid, and pretty consistent, although there do seem to be some occasions when the animator seems to have been struck with a fit of laziness. (More specifically episode 12). Fansub no Tame ni has now fully subbed the entire season for your enjoying pleasure. While i'm no keen on their name nor their adaptations to certain Japanese words, they're fairly decent and bring torrents out in a timely fashion.

It's been years after the "great war" and in this post-war era, In this era, there are those who are humans and those born as "The Third," those with a third eye that allows them to manipulate mechanical beings. A girl by the name of Honoka does odd-jobs in the desert along with her Sand Tank and AI, Bogie. During her travels, Honoka meets a man by the name of Iks and together with him, they travel the desert.

Like most stories and anime, it starts off slightly slow and picks up speed plot-wise. One noticable detail about this anime is that there is a 3rd person narrator. While speaking in the style of limited omniscience, it seems to give the anime a kind of sophistication to the story.

It follows the general plotline of having no plot or goal but instead giving a "slice of life" feeling broken up into short stories involving the same characters. I found this anime to be very nicely done with a good balance between action and drama and it's definately a must-see for story buffs.


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