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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Scissors

Randal Orlando is part of the 901 Anti-Tank Trooper division. Now, in this post-war setting (that looks an awful like WWI without the deep trenches) there's something unusual about that. But that doesn't bother Alice L. Malvin, Lieutenant of the Section III, Pumpkin Scissors. She recruits him and together with Matisse and Oreld, Alice tries to fulfill her section's duty as post-war relief, which doesn't come so easy.

Right off, you have inconsistencies along with unusual plot holes that would probably make this a bit less favorable. But with high production values, a more original storyline and a cast of characters who truly are original and an asset to the anime, I stuck with it and was rewarded.

The plot itself is very open and gives way for a second season. Once again, I feel that these are one of those back alley anime that I somehow seem to keep brushing up against. As I said before, the characters are well written and are each given more than enough episodes to give background as well as delve deeper into who they are and how they interact with others. This feels like an anime that doesn't reach deep into pasts or development, but rather focuses on the now. Honestly, I feel that it's a bit different from what I've seen. It could also be the military/war theme that I feel isn't shown often (mind you, I feel that mech anime are more like futuristic, which is why I'm not mentioning Full Metal Panic! Oh crap...)

I have the OST in my possession to check more on the music and it really gives the anime that war-march feeling in it. I like the nicely orchestrated violins and use of drums. It's probably one of the other factors into giving the anime it's nostalgic war story feel to it.

As I said before, the plot seems to have holes in it. You have branches of the government and secret societies which aren't really covered and makes you wonder what their purpose really was. Then you have the lack of focus on the 901 battalion which seem to have it's own mini-arc until they rushed to cut it off. Was it a purposeful effect to show character or simply a drop from the storyboard. This time, I can't really tell.

While it is a war themed anime, the action isn't so robust. Yes, it has it's nice 2-3 episode spanning fight scenes (that aren't just talk, mind you) and a constant surprise in characters during these fights but generally, they ARE a post-war relief unit. I don't really think there's a need for heavy fighting for relief.


There haven't been any US licensing branches that have sought for Pumpkin Scissors yet, so you may as well deal with Raws or fansubs. (I believe Eclipse has fansubbed them. I believe they were very good and my favorite project from them has probably been Shakugan no Shana. For the anime or for their quality, i'm not sure. They both were good.)

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