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Friday, December 7, 2012

Saber Alter Beach Queen Figure

The beach queen line up by Wave has been picking and choosing at random who to add. I decided to pick up the saber alter version for one reason only to be honest, and that's the almost uninterested expression she seems to have as she sits around eating an ice popsicle.

Originally inspired by this image:

What we get is this:
The figure comes with a rough yellow colored base plate which I assume is going to be sand, but she can very well sit on most, if not all, flat surfaces without any support.

The very first thing I notice off the bat is how surprisingly small she is. I'm well aware that this figure is 1:10 scale of an already short character (154 cm which translates to about 60.6 inches aka 5 feet) but I admittedly wasn't expecting something THIS small. Here's a comparison between her, the super posable Saber Nendoroid, and a mini nendoroid that I recieved from comptiq:

As you can see, even with the bonus height from the difference in the base plates, Saber Alter is STILL shorter than Raging Saber and barely taller than Strike Witch Konata (who happens to have an additional base of her own). Admittedly she IS sitting which would account for much of the height difference, but she's surprisingly lean.

I'm not complaining though, there's some solid detail on the sculpture and paint that make up for it. Hands and feet are well done and there's even dots of a lighter shade of pink on the tips to indicate fingernails/toenails. Then there's her straight face as she consumes that popsicle that really add bonus points to the overall figure. I would've honestly preferred saber alter to have whiter hair just because I think it then accents the blue popsicle better. Also, her yellow eyes would strike a contrast with her hair but that's a bit of nitpicking on my end.

Overall it's a happy purchase, and another figure that'll sit comfortably on my shelf. (No pun intended).

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