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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drawing Request from Mabinogi - Speedpaint

Funny enough, I received an email in March about a request for a drawing in ATK's name. I was pretty sure we put both our emails in there..... Regardless, I forwarded this to him asking what he though about it. It wasn't a commission, more like just an earnest request. Finals were coming up so I wasn't sure how to deal with this one to be honest. In the end, he finally decided to do it.

This one was fairly simple. We received two reference screencaps to base the drawings from, so I won't bother him about shading first before getting color scheme down. The palette is already set and he probably already has a light source in mind.

Nothing major to note besides the horrendously deformed necklace thing. Perspective doesn't change THAT much with a leaning person.....

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