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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Domain

I recently bought to link to this site. So no longer would you have to type in or refer your friends to a combination of words that they may or may not remember. The .com domain was like... you know hundreds of dollars so I wasn't able to register any common domains but it's a start.

So yeah. Spread the word, will now be under my control and easier to spread through hearsay than the blogspot reference. Now to wait for the update to take effect.....

edit 16:07 :
I just noticed that there are fewer votes than before. Does everyone's vote on the poll have a shelf life of a year or something?

Edit: 16:11 :
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I broke it. Poll needs to be reset. Goddamnit.

Edit: 16:22
Polls are broke dude.....

Edit: 16:32 :
Temporary fix involves 2 polls at one. I can't remove the broken one and relocated it. Sorry.

Edit: 16:51 :
Fixed.... finally....

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