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Friday, September 11, 2009

DFO Beta Key Giveaway Contest

Gamespot has "only" 50,000 keys available, and apparently has now stopped releasing keys.

Considering that there were keys distributed at PAX, I find it hard to believe that anyone WOULDN'T have a key if they wanted. Regardless, I have 7 keys at my disposal to distribute. So I decided to host a contest to distribute keys. Here's how it works.

Simply post a comment with your e-mail address. There are restrictions however:

1. When you post a comment you are not allowed to choose anonymous. Anonymous

2. If you choose Name, you MUST type your email address or blog site as the URL.
2a. Name must be appropriate. You don't have to type your actual name, screen names are fine. I will completely disregard nonsense. You know who you are. I have some tolerance, but I still can't stand stupid.

3. No repeat entries. I understand that there are trolls and griefers, so it's best to use either an Open ID account (Live Journal, Word Press, Type Pad, AIM) or a gmail/blogger account. Because this is more easily traceable, it will guarantee you a slot.

Results will be revealed on the 14th where you can then download immediately and wait the next day.

Good Luck to you all.


Mrlucky77 said...

Hello, I want to enter this contest because of the keys you are giving out... And because I like your reviews on the games. I first found this site via google, keywords "Mabinogi Review".. Anyways, I would like to have a PAX key ^^... I heard Nexon has an exclusive weapon for the keys given away at PAX... However, I could not get there cause I live in Canada and only 12 years old..... Yeah, I am x.x


Yeah, the e-mail address is SO original XD

(I hope I win o3o, since there isn't anybody really entering...)

Mrlucky77 said...

I hope this doesnt count as a double-post, but I just realised that I made a mistake =/ The key is for DFO Beta, and that's even BETTER than the exclusive weapon for Mabinogi! ^^

Zerreth said...

Don't worry about it. I was only concerned about "multiple entries." Conversations are perfectly fine.

andrew said...

Hi, i would love a beta key. I really want to play!

Zerreth said...

Awesome! That's great! Now read the post, and try again!

andrew said...

Hello, i really want to play DFO and i already downloaded the game to find out i need a beta key to connect. I tried a few other sites and it did not give me any luck. I was hoping i could get a beta key from you! it would be great if you could, so please send me one. ;3


Ragingworker said...


I also wanted to enter your contest. I do realize that you already have had the results drawn but am hoping you might still have an extra key for me.


CrossBeat said...

I know the entry of this contest is late, but I thought it is worth a try!

My friends all play DFO, and I wanted to try it out, so I downloaded and installed the game, only to find out that I need a beta key. I checked the beta key release sites, and there were none left for my taking =[

I found your blog from google-ing "DFO beta keys" (lol) and here I am!

So I hope you have a beta key available for me and my email is

Thanks so much! ^^

Zerreth said...

dude I'm really sorry. I just gave out my last Beta Key. I have a couple friends who may have some spare, but I'm not too sure.

Here's the thing though. The early beta is going to end in around one week. Then, I BELIEVE it should go into open beta. I can't say for sure how long it actually lasts, but I've been hearing rumors that early beta ends on the 25 and goes into open beta.

Zerreth said...

I stand corrected. Open beta starts sept. 22. As posted by Nexon.

sasorisama said...

hey, i dunno if this is still going on, but i would like to enter because i would like a key, and i like resding your game reviews. i want a PAX key because the open beta just ended and i cant play. i also couldnt get a key from gamespot because i live in canda. i would really apreciate a key.
plz use this email

sasorisama said...

uh plz dont count this as a doyble post, but i made a typo, i didnt mean to put PAX. this is for DFO. sry.

Zerreth said...

You know.... DFO is in open beta. There's no more need for beta keys. The keys were only for Early beta which started around the beginning of September.