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Monday, August 10, 2009

Current Status

Romeo X Juliet
Valkyria Chronicles

Disgaea 3 (still)

To do:
Second run of Persona 4 (complete all links)
Finish Stella Deus
Finish Ar Tonelico II
Disgaea 3 (I'm never gonna finish this......)
Wait for DFO Open Beta/Full release
Clean my Room
Finish Catalog for my Camp Director
Complete Kendo Club Website
Watch Higashi no Eden in preparation for the 2 Full length feature films.
Prep the second PS3 for reselling (CECHE01 Model)

Lucky Star (Didn't watch OVA)
Frekazoid (again..... though I don't think that counts....)

There's only one month left and so much to do.....
That's life.

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