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Sunday, February 8, 2009

New stuff coming soon!

I'm currently looking up new content. It's not that I haven't run out of material (I know I said this before), but I'm trying to look for some more recent stuff and getting you reviews as fast as possible. I've just been recommended a bunch of stuff that I have to overview and as for games, it's starting to sag. Rather, I'm gonna be more focused on PC games from here on (budget's getting kinda tight). Finishing them ASAP and getting reviews in is important but so is my school work. Anyways, as of now I'm setting up a plan for the next month or so.

My main issue with finding PC games is that a lot of MMOs are point and clicks. Sorry but, I grinded that all away in my Ragnarok Online days. I'm looking for something with a bit more....variety. Graphics matter a bit, but if it's still a point and click, I now have a distaste for it.

As for anime, I'd love to take recommendations. I know all of you want some recent stuff and I can't be going over old stuff constantly, so write a comment with a recommendation or email me. It's there for you.

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